Simonetta Sabo


    Photoshooting Time

    New summer dresses and chokers added for sale in my Online shop  I have been very busy lately and had tons of photoshoots (just to mention I had 3 this week) and I still don't have pictures of all the new items I created 

    You know, being an emerging designer, with not having thousands of pounds income, I had to learn to make the most of my possibilities. I tought myself how to model, how to pose, how to do make up, how to do hair and I even tought my boyfriend how to take fashion pictures using only his phone, not an actual professional camera.  We made such a great team, that my favoruite pictures are the ones taken by him using his phone. When It is not possible to get a professional`s help and you do not have endless possibilities, that is the time when you are forced to learn new skills and develope yourself. This is what we have been doing for 5 years now, and I can say, our work gets better and better everytime. Do not give up, just keep learning and keep fighting for your dreams!:)



    Budapest Fashion Week 2017

    So this is what Budapest Fashion Week was: This was my first individual fashion show in my home country and I felt so blessed as I got such a nice respond from everyone. Before this show, I have never sold anything immediately from the runway, but this time, some people felt in love with some designs that I had to sell my original sample pieces just after the show. How amazing is this?! 

    This collection is very personal for me and It helped me to start a healing process in a very rough time of my life. This collection, called Eleven, dedicated to my father, who I lost meanwhile working on my designs. The fact, that people loved it so much and all the good comments I got, helps me a lot and I really appreciate it. 

    So far, this fashion week was the smallest, friendliest and calmest show I ever had, which felt quite weird after all the craziness of the London shows, where everyone was rushing and tearing garments and usually have 30 seconds to change outfits on models. This time we all were so chilled and calm, plus we had more than 5 minutes to change the models with 4 helpers and they were extremely helpful.

    With this post, I would like to say a huge Thank You to the whole team, to the organizers, photographers, models, my friends and my family, you are amazing!