Simonetta Sabo


    Young Designer Takeover at Old Spitalfield Market

    I have been very busy lately and I had no chance to write a new post, therefore this one is in a bit of late. So on the 1st of July I was attended on Wasted Chic`s Designer Takeover event at London`s Old Spitalfield Market. I was very busy creating my display for this event, everything I did by my own pair of hands, so very proud :D I did my display for rings, chokers, mirror, shop name, and curtains and table clothing. Sooo many things.... I spent days and nights working on everything to make is colourful, vibrant and customer friendly. And then come the trouble.... How all these things gonna be taken to the location???? Well, as I don`t drive and basically I don`t have any friends in London who drives and because I live quite outside of London, just to get a cab would have costed a fortune sooo we had to take everything on public transport with my boyfriend`s help,Although this was very difficult even with his help....So anyway, we got to the location Finally! It took some time to find my stall and prepare the stalls, but we opened at 11am. I was so proud how the stall looked and I managed to prepare with all my new items in time, so by 11 am we were ready to start selling :)

    To be honest, I was a bit disapointed, as not many people come to the market and it should have been very busy as It was a Saturday, and the weather was perfect for a day out in a market. Even the people who come they were just walking around the stalls, sometimes not even having a look on any of them just walking and talking to friends....I have done a few markets and my experience says that people not interested in going to a market and shop there anymore, or If they do, they only looking for the food XD Sad but True... people do not really buy at these places as It was not just me who felt it this way, we had a conversation with some of the other exhibitors and they had the same thoughts. So guys, please tell me, where do you prefer shopping handmade, original designer items?? Should I just stay with Etsy and my online Shop....?

    Well, I think most of the people are really busy and they just do not have the time to go out just to shop and look for the perfect designer items for hours, as when they go out, they just prefer spending time with their friends and family and do the shopping online. (Which I totally understand.) I do not think that people are so worried about fittings any more as If the items what they ordered online do not fit them, they just send it back to the seller straight away as we always accept returns, Am I right?

    Well, Anyway, we always learn, and this time I learnt, that Fashion Shows and Online Shopping has a bigger impact on customers and I am not sure If I ever gonna do an other market event, although I might would give a try to a Christmas one as well.... Let`s See :)



    Preparing for Brick Lane

    This week was my hardest and worst week in my life. In this very sad time it is the hardest to stay strong and move on with my life, keep working and keep doing the things I do the best. Today is going to be the first day to go out and put a smile on my face, while creating the thing what my dad loved the most: Art (and of course me trying to be happy) Therefore the photoshoot today is going to be very important. Artistic place, Artistic garments and an Artist soul. I hope i will be able to show my best face and do something very artistic, creating something outstanding. Let`s get ready to rock this shoot and make my dad proud!  See you at Brick lane today :*