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I always had a passion for fashion and arts. I started to wear my own designed dresses in the kindergarten as my godmother, who was a machinist, had no other choices than to follow a picky little girl orders who was not willing to go to kindergarten without her frilly dresses and skirts.

As I grown older, I learnt to use the sewing machine and different fabric dying techniques and I started to alter all of my new clothes and had my 'personal fashion show' every day in the school.

In the school years I was learning different art techniques such as enamels, ceramics, graphic arts, photography and painting. I chose to graduate as an artist painter but I never stopped creating my own bespoke outfits. After graduation I decided, I am going to learn fashion design. I have left my art school to be a fashion designer, this was a mayor decision and although I was happy to learn designing, I always felt something was missing. I was missing painting. Therefore I started to experiment with different art techniques and to discover how I can incorporate them in my designs. This is how I first started to paint and dye my own fabrics.

Then I also discovered that I can print my own materials too. It is so amazing! This is when I started to print my best original artworks on my own fabrics, creating something unrepeatable and unique form of fashion and art. I am currently experimenting with different kind of art techniques to use them for my fashion lines. I would like to prove to the world that in fashion you can do anything you want. You can use anything to create stunning and wearable pieces. The only limit is our creativity. 
If you like my story, please follow my journey and get a piece of uniqueness into your wardrobe to reminds you that Fashion is the Highest way of Art

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This is how I work

"Fashion is the Highest way of Art"

- Simonetta Sabo

Fashion is in love with art like never before. From clothing design to catwalk show art direction, major labels to boutique houses, the word of fashion is falling over itself to involve important names from a diverse range of the visual arts. It’s hardy surprising — after all what is fashion if not wearable art.

Fashion and Art have always been walking side by side, strengthening and inspiring each other. 

I always try to find new art techniques to incorporate them in my designing process. I am trying to prove that If you have imagination there is no limit in fashion. You can create fashionable, artistic pieces from everything, from papers, packaging to bottle caps or CD's. Although if you are not up for unconventional materials, there are still possibilities to use your artist talent like graphic designing, drawing or ceramics.


I learnt painting in high school and I was playing with the idea of being an artist but I never could imagine my life without being a fashion designer too. Therefore I created my artistic style, where I can feel free to create and share my passion with the word. Take a look on my journey and see how I create fashion and art.

This is my passion, my work, my life. Enjoy!   

Internationally recognised London based fashion designer from Hungary.


I am Simonetta Sabo, designer and founder of Simonetta Sabo Fashionable Art. Simonetta Sabo is a unique alternative style clothing brand, who is aiming to encourage people to stand out of the crowd and break the monotony of the everyday fashion.

I am specialized to create my own fabrics by hand painting and digital printing, using my own original hand painted artworks and create some stunning, stand out and one-of-a-kind fashion pieces.

I personally handpick all the best UK materials, and I make all customer orders personally.

My style lines between streetwear and high fashion Avant garde. I always admired those stand out designer looks from the runways, but unfortunately their price tag never fitted my budget and they were not accepted in public. Therefore I created a designer line which gives us the extravagancy and uniqueness of stage designs and the comfortable chicness of every day clothing offering affordable luxury designs.

I am a big supporter of slow fashion and fair-trade, which makes it possible to create clothing/accessories which are long lasting, very well made and not going out of style in just a few seasons. They are all artistic fashion pieces, which brings something special into your wardrobe.



Fashion Designer

Fashion Shows

2017 April- Budapest Fashion Week, Budapest, Hungary


2015 February- Britains’s Top Designer Award, London, GB- Finalist

2014 February- Britain’s Top Designer Awards, London, GB- Finalist


2014 March- Fashion Meets Music Pop Up Shop, Introducing emerging Great Britain based designers, Berlin, Germany

2013 October- FDC Young Designer Award, London, GB- Finalist


2013 August- Las Vegas Fashion Week, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

2013 April- Habitus Baltija, Riga, Latvia- Finalist

2012 and 2011- Golden Scissor Fashion Award,  Budapest, Hungary-

1st Place at Fantasy Category and Best Stage Presence Award